Goya Beef Empanadas


Goya Beef EmpanadasThe last I was able to buy these, they were on a close-out at the grocery store. I hope I will soon be able to find them again. They are best when made in the oven or in a pan and lightly browned. The meat and seasonings inside the pastry crust are perfect in taste and it’s very much like the way the meat turns out in a homemade empanada recipe.


  1. iceboxdiner October 10, 2013

    I first enjoyed empanadas in St. Augustine, Florida and they were authenic Spanish food. These frozen empanadas come pretty close to the same flavor and make a great meal or snack. I’d definitely buy them again. The meat is flavored perfectly and the seasonings are done in good proportions.

  2. iceboxdiner October 10, 2013

    These are just yummy and perfect for lunch when it’s cold and nasty outside. The beef is perfectly flavored with tomato, bell peppers and onions. For some reason they are more difficult to find than the Tamales, but when I find them I buy them, and I love them every time. You get four of them and two is just perfect for lunch.

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